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Surface-mounted device

In contrast to the push-through installation, the SMD Surface Mount Technology is based on the processing of surface mount components. Components of this technology are solder paste printing, the assembly of components and the soldering process - analogous to printing / dispensing of the conductive adhesive, the assembly of components and the curing of the adhesive.

Continuous Development

The SMD technology is a basic technology for the manufacture of electronic assemblies subjected to continuous improvement - driven by ongoing miniaturization, ever-increasing integration density of the components and the need for decreasing production costs. This leads to the requirements on the capabilities of the processes and materials used: The conductor structures are to be reduced and the number of control levels are to be increased. The contact pad dimensions are reduced and the processing properties of the solder materials can be improved. The result of this development: Increasing demands on precision machines and equipment from the solder paste to assemblers to soldering equipment and the safe control of these processes, including quality assurance and evaluation (AOI, X-ray inspection).